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Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present…


Oil Islands
Digital single
Composition and production by Andrew Rodriguez
Megan Ihnen (voice) and Alan Theisen (alto saxophone, additional vocals)
Independently distributed
Available for purchase on Bandcamp here

“…a certified banger.” “Oil Islands is intoxicating. Voice, saxophone, and electronics mesh art song with synth pop, blurring the lines of genre or perhaps shrugging off those confines entirely. Particularly captivating is the musical explosion accompanying ‘At night the barges sit on the surface:’ Ihnen’s powerful voice, supported by synthesizer, bursts with heightened drama and syllabic art song sensibility. Then, the piece becomes a synth pop power ballad – saxophone and synthesizer even enter a full-blown jam session at one point…”
— Vanessa Ague, The Road to Sound